Compassway is a full-cycle lending platform with flexible adjustment of loan products and support of the entire working process in terms of adapting the client to the type, servicing and repayment of loans. The system allows you to integrate with trading partners, and you can use sophisticated analytical tools.


AI-Powered Decision Engine

Make your credit decisioning process reliable by optimizing creditworthiness assessment, even when it comes to high-risk borrowers. Make the best use of advanced machine learning and deep neural networks to dramatically improve your credit decisioning's accuracy and speed. 
AI algorithms can also help to more easily identify fraud and creates opportunities for improvement of the customer experience across the entire lifecycle. 

Loan Origination

A well-organized and easy-to-follow

application process.
Establishing your own parameters

for any stage of the lending process.
Customizable scorecards and credit

decisioning parameters
Applying to the right employee at the right stage of loan origination based on the scope

of their duties.
Automatic document generation and

electronic signature.

Loan Servicing/ Management

Automating the entire loan lifecycle

is what we do best.
Compassway Digital Loan Management system offers you with an effective toolset to serve your clients of all sizes, whether you are just starting your lending business or are already an established loan provider. 
The system has a very customizable repayment structure generator built in, which includes annuity and other repayment calculations. 

Statistics & Reporting 

With custom reports and analytics, you'll be able to track not only overall business performance but dive deeply into the specifics of each metric
A native workplace gathers all the data you need from Compassway portal in one configurable easy-to-read report, including risk assessment, portfolio, and operational information

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Key Product Features



We used to have an older system that required more than a day to update or deploy a new risk model. In addition, credit decisions were slow. We estimated we were losing 15% of customers due to abandoned applications. For millennials, who are now a majority of our clients, responsiveness and convenience are key for lending services.
We implemented an end-to-end digital lending platform offered by CompassWay and it allowed to significantly improve customer retention. Up-to-date risk models also mean lower defaults rate and improved profitability. The system is easy to work with in case we need to add new clients or product types. We also received excellent customer support from CompassWay team. Overall very satisfied with the upgrade decision.

Denis Bobrov, CFO of CreditUP


Customer service

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We have created a simple tool for starting such a complex business as consumer lending. Please study our demo and together we will start building a customer-oriented business on consumer internet lending.