Small consumer lenders

Our consumer lending software automates every stage of the financing process and provides your company with a new monetization channel


  1. Advanced automation reduces business expenses while increasing profits;

  2. Non-payment risks are reduced by self-learning algorithms;

  3. A smart and fully automated platform gives human error no chance.


Consumer lenders can enjoy these perks

1. 97% fewer human errors

2. 90% reduction in non-payment risks

3. 34% increase in CLV

4. 95% improvement in loan origination efficiency

Compassway is an all-in-one system that meets all of your consumer lending needs

Customer onboarding

A fast and streamlined origination process improves your business’ efficiency.

The scope of your digital lending options expands with the point-of-sale system and mobile loans.

AI-driven scoring

You can get the best terms & conditions using Compassway intelligent AI-powered credit decisioning.

Make use of traditional as well as alternative credit-scoring parameters.

Streamlined contracting experience

With Compassway, loan terms are clearly stated and kept track of a highly integrated contracting ensures excellent customer compliance with your terms & conditions.

Smart debt collection

All parties are kept informed through smart notifications & alerts.

Smart timely notifications make debt collection smoother.

Options for retailers

Auto Loans.

Digital Consumer Lending.

Medical Financing.


PayDay Loans.

Point-of-sale Financing.

Education Loans.

Small business lending options

Net Working Capital (NWC).

Invoice Finance.


E-commerce Lending.

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA).

Overdraft & Credit cards.

Marketplace & Peer-to-peer.

Trade Financing.

Shariah-compliant finance.



We used to have an older system that required more than a day to update or deploy a new risk model. In addition, credit decisions were slow. We estimated we were losing 15% of customers due to abandoned applications. For millennials, who are now a majority of our clients, responsiveness and convenience are key for lending services.
We implemented an end-to-end digital lending platform offered by CompassWay and it allowed to significantly improve customer retention. Up-to-date risk models also mean lower defaults rate and improved profitability. The system is easy to work with in case we need to add new clients or product types. We also received excellent customer support from CompassWay team. Overall very satisfied with the upgrade decision.

Denis Bobrov, CFO of CreditUP