Scorecard Audit

a) Compassway comprehensive scorecard audit enables higher rates, greater customer retention, and safer crediting. b) The scorecard can be modified to take into account the demands of your customers and the difficulties in your industry.

Fraud Consulting

a) Intelligent origination helps Compassway safeguard your company against the great majority of fraud attempts. b) Each loan application is examined using both conventional and alternative analysis techniques supported by self-learning deep neural networks. c) To ensure the highest level of security, our specialists can assist you in developing a unique decision-making process that makes use of both best practices and novel ideas.

Credit Scoring Consulting

a) Make accurate credit scoring customized to your company, borrower categories, and local market using Compassway's experience. b) Enhance and implement current scoring algorithms, design brand-new ones from scratch, or use Compassway's AI-powered built-in credit scoring.

Cloud Based Hosting and Regular Backups

a) By hosting your lending platform on Compassway's secure cloud-based infrastructure, you may reduce costs and speed up the process. b) Automatic data backups and live synchronizations of your entire lending platform c) Employees and customers can access your lending operation using any computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world. d) If your business must maintain all of the data on your storage, that can also be easily accomplished.