API Integration Platform and Services

With Compassway API, you can easily integrate any tools or information sources you need

Integrate all your business processes into one multifunctional platform using a built-in Compassway API supporting codeless third-party integrations.

Fully integrated end-to-end loan management solution

Build, test, and apply customized APIs with Flow Building tools and a built-in Configurator.

Perform visual process of no-code integration.

Apply reliable user-friendly version control and management tools.

Track how your integrations perform, their uptime, and security.

One data management solution for all your operation needs

Direct connection between your lending platform and CRM/ERP software.

Efficient accounting & automated report generation.

Communicating with your clients directly through your lending platform.

Business intelligence & analytics using  Google Analytics, PowerBI, Looker, or Tableau.

Advanced risk management with the help of external scorecards and AI-driven Compassway Decision Engine.

Our value proposition

Codeless integration with services and products using an advanced API gateway.

A unified all-encompassing solution to automate all business processes.

Pre-configured integration solutions to bring the best business performance results.

A built-in credit decisioning powered by AI.

Optimized data collection

Connect Compassway to a specific credit bureau to automatically get the most relevant decisioning data:

  • Find out client's credit score;

  • Perform bankruptcy & insolvency checks;

  • Process and analyze customer data;

  • Receive full tax history.

Integrate your Core System with Compassway to automate all business processes, including client's registration, processing application and making credit decisions based on client history.

  • Manage transactions;

  • Monitor payment history;

  • Process KYC data;

  • Check clients’ income.

Enjoy full payment system automation with the following features:       

  • Repayments and loan disbursements;

  • Payment data management;

  • Disbursements from several stakeholders (for instance, vendor/ escrow/ distributor/ merchant);

  • Milestone billing & progress payments.



We used to have an older system that required more than a day to update or deploy a new risk model. In addition, credit decisions were slow. We estimated we were losing 15% of customers due to abandoned applications. For millennials, who are now a majority of our clients, responsiveness and convenience are key for lending services.
We implemented an end-to-end digital lending platform offered by CompassWay and it allowed to significantly improve customer retention. Up-to-date risk models also mean lower defaults rate and improved profitability. The system is easy to work with in case we need to add new clients or product types. We also received excellent customer support from CompassWay team. Overall very satisfied with the upgrade decision.

Denis Bobrov, CFO of CreditUP