Compassway  is  full cycle lending platform with flexible adjustment of credit products and support of the entire workflow from customer onboarding to the issuance, maintenance and repayment of loans. The system allows integration with trading partners, has a powerful analytical tools.


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Introducing Compassway

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Product Setting

Risk Model

suitable as for the sale of payday loans as for  car loans or mortgage;

flexible adjustment of client application parameters for different depth of client study;

fully automated credit decisioning;

the possibility of parameterization for different risk-appetite and different customer segments;

flexible adjustment of credit product parameters, from terms and amounts of crediting, to information on collateral.

adaptation to the change of client audience.

підходить для продажу як кредитів до зарплати, так і
кредитів на придбання авто чи нерухомості;

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customers segmentation for accurate marketing focus;

built-in modules for creating of customer retention programs;

flexible reporting tools;

the ability to build dashboards to visualize reports;

the ability to integrate with popular marketing services and marketing analytics systems.

the ability to download data for further processing by BI systems.

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integration with payment providers;

integration with credit bureaus, AML and KYC systems.

possibility of integration with e-commerce;


Customer service

own cabinet for each client;

storage the history of the relationship and all documents;

built-in loyalty programs.


Портрет молодой бизнесмен

Row Wood

We used to have an older system that required more than a day to update or deploy a new risk model. In addition, credit decisions were slow. We estimated we were losing 15% of customers due to abandoned applications. For millennials, who are now a majority of our clients, responsiveness and convenience are key for lending services.
We implemented an end-to-end digital lending platform offered by CompassWay and it allowed to significantly improve customer retention. Up-to-date risk models also mean lower defaults rate and improved profitability. The system is easy to work with in case we need to add new clients or product types. We also received excellent customer support from CompassWay team. Overall very satisfied with the upgrade decision.

CEO at CreditUP

Портрет молодой бизнесмен

Row Wood

Our key clients are SME firms that sell their products using social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook. They have magnitude of various products and various preferences in the lending options they would like to provide to their customers. Thus, we needed a powerful, yet flexible and simple system, which would allow quick onboarding of new clients and their products.
CompassWay offered a solution that not only satisfied these criteria but also was intuitive and easy for the customers of our clients. That allowed to create a seamless shopping experience, as well as improve customers’ satisfaction and rate of completed sales.
For our team, working with CompassWay was very easy. Since the system was highly customizable out of the box, we were up and running in just several weeks. We also benefitted from their business expertise and improved a weak link in our processes we did not know was a problem. Highly recommended company to work with.

Founder and Executive Director at PIE CREDIT

Портрет молодой бизнесмен

Row Wood


Co-Founder, Managing Director at Taksaexpress

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We have created a simple tool for starting such a complex business as consumer lending. Please study our demo and together we will start building a customer-oriented business on consumer internet lending.

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